Services We Offer

Our services can be tailored to meet the needs of the service user and the local authority or agency. Prices are very competitive and can be agreed in advance for some work such as Form F Assessment, or long arm practice teaching, whilst other pieces of work are priced on an individual hourly basis plus expenses, such as supervised contact.

Assessment, Support and
Case Management

  • Initial visits to service users in respect of Form F assessments.
  • Form F assessment of foster carers and adopters.
  • Reference visits in respect of Form F assessments.
  • Attendance at fostering panel.
  • In depth parenting assessments.
  • Pre-birth assessments
  • Specialist Assessments (Children with a disability)
  • Core Assessments
  • Direct parenting support, implementation of routines and behaviour management.
  • Individual cases can be managed where a child is placed out of county. Statutory visits can be conducted.
  • Provision of Foster Carers with support from an independent Social Worker following agency withdrawal due to allegations.
  • Step Parent Adoption Rule 29 Report
  • Special Guardianship Report
  • Section 7 Report

The company has £2m of professional indemnity insurance, and both of the vehicles used for company business are fully insured to carry service users.


Available to groups or individuals.

  • Preapproval course - 'skills to foster' training available to groups nominated by local authorities or independent fostering agencies. Complete course can be delivered or parts of the course.
  • Skills to foster training direct to individual potential carers within their own home.
  • Attachment and loss - introductory level and intermediate level
  • Behaviour management in children and young people — introductory level
  • Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Long arm practice teacher — qualified to be practice learning assessor to both second and third year social work students.


  • Supervised contact can be arranged any day of the week, out of hours and over bank holidays.
  • Supervised contact will include a  written report
  • Collection and drop off service available dependent on circumstances. 
  • Vehicles Fully insured for service user transportation.
  • Venues can be organised where possible and if necessary. 
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